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Finding your best routine


Finding routine is essential for being a happier and healthier individual. Just as having routine can improve your well-being, physical and mental health, losing your routine can have negative side effect including enhanced anxiety and emotional distress.


At Super Seniors Fitness, we know the importance of a solid routine. We know how busy lives can become in 2018. We know the stress that life can put you under and we know how sometimes when we have too much time, we don't know what to do with ourselves!


In today's blog post, we're going to outline to you some tips to help you find your most productive routine. At the end of the day, everyone's routine is different, even though if they follow the same steps.


So what is the key you ask? The key is consistency and today's blog post is going to you show why.





Tips for finding your best routine


Understanding when you need to wake-up

This is a time that can be different for different people. It all depends on how you want to structure your day. Do you prefer to exercise in the morning, afternoon or evening? Do you like to have some spare time before you go to work or when you get home? Does it take you a long time to get ready in the morning, or do you get ready in 5 minutes? These are the types of questions you must ask yourself in order to find the best time to wake-up. All we suggest with this is the 5 p's. 'Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Peformance' so the more prepared you are, the better!


Separate what you want to do from what you need to do

This is a technique to ensure you don't feel the same stress as you usually would. This eliminates tasks that aren't as necessarily as urgent and ensures that the tasks you need to do are done in a great manner. At the same time, this will also help you understand what it really is that is important to you from your 'want' list. Then if you'e prepared enough, you'll be able to do these things if you give yourself enough time. 


Think of your day in 'blocks' rather than a 'full day'

What I mean by this is break up your day into blocks of time. It may be hours for some people, it may be 2 hours, or it may be as simple as morning, afternoon or evening. This technique will allow you to have particular goals throughout the day and specific deadlines to achieve this in. This is a great way of keeping track of time while getting everything that is essential to you completed!


Be sure to continually check into the Hydration Stations

All this means is drink plenty of fluids. It's important to do this in order to keep up a good routine. When we're hydrated, we're automatically feeling better than when we're not. It's such a simple task, but always overlooked.


Find a sleeping time that works for you

Just as we need a consistent time for waking-up, we need a consistent time for sleeping. We want to achieve as much REM sleep as possible as shown through our previous article. Be sure to give yourself enough sleep time and don't be too productive before you head into bed. This period needs to be a calm period of self-reflection rather than with technology and stress distracting you.



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