Fitness and wellbeing for older people

Rethink Ageing

Helping you with longevity to be independent

We understand how it feels when you get bombarded with conflicting healthy eating and exercise advice, it is causing more confusion and we think that isn’t right! 

Don't struggle on your own, let me show you how we are able to help folks just like you to regain fitness and thrive a long quality life.

  • Get fit without expensive equipments

  • Avoid falls and loss of independence 

  • Overcome loneliness and feel alive

David Murwill

I always found training at the gyms frustrating, never understood why had to join the gym stay fit. We worked on a plan that helps me to stay fit and enjoy great outdoors 

Jean Blakeman

Don't let your age be a barrier to stop learning new skills, I still do my own house work, gardening, shopping, cooking, and I feel confident with my body, I couldn't be as independent without my regular exercise programme 

Mike Barnato

Overcame a cancer and now I feel stronger, fitter more alive than before, when I share my exercise photo with my friends the often comment "this must be a photoshopped, can't be real" that is until I demonstrate in-front of the them. Then they smile and clap. 



Improve your cardiovascular fitness

To keep your heart and

lungs healthy.

Increase your flexibility and range of motion

So you feel younger and more supple.

Learn about what you should and shouldn't eat

To help avoid regular trips to the doctor.

Strengthen the muscles that support your joints

So you can move more freely and without pain.

Have fun!

Because everyone should enjoy feeling fit and healthy.

Of course you may decide to do it your own, and that's fine but research has shown you are 4x more likely to achieve your outcome, when you have an accountability and don't forget the hours saved with a trail & error when you go your own .  


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