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Case studies 

Take a look at some of our Super Hero clients and how they managed to overcome challenges, feel live and independent.  

reading their journeys below !

How a 80+ year old woman rediscovered her life and became independent.   

PROFILE: Jean Blakeman


HOBBIES: Gardening, travelling, reading and learning languages

FAMOUS FOR: Being known as Super Jean and fighting against the 'Ageing Stigma'

TONY SAYS: "Jean is an absolute pleasure to work with. We've developed a great friendship and trust and she is one of the most active people I know, She truly is a Super Senior!"

 70+ year old man overcame the cancer and now, guys half of of his age struggle to keep up.  

PROFILE: Mike Barnato


HOBBIES: The Lotus and The Human Flag

FAMOUS FOR: His ability to do 'flying push-ups'

TONY SAYS: "Mike recovered from oesophageal cancer in 2011, and met Tony soon afterwards. Mike has always loved to move; and he has recovered both his strength and mobility. These days you’ll see Mike doing some fun and challenging exercises that many guys half his age would struggle to perform!"


PROFILE: Roger Goodier


HOBBIES: Loves a hit of golf in his spare time

FAMOUS FOR: Coming back from knee and hip surgeries

TONY SAYS: "Roger the Dodger is a force to be reckoned with. We’ve worked with him to manage his knee pain, and get him back on his beloved golf course! He has been on our Georgian cultural retreat twice, and is a strong part of the Super Seniors team."

Life does not have to slow down after a knee and hip surgery, discover how 70+ year old man still plays sport maintains muscle strength. 
Fitness and wellbeing isn't just for people who go to the gym, David discover training helps him staying fit and enjoy his hobbies 


PROFILE: David Murwill


HOBBIES: Outdoor activities

FAMOUS FOR: Rock climbing and orienteering solo expeditions

TONY SAYS: "Dave’s son recommended him to Tony four years ago. Tony introduced Dave to a tailored training programme, which helped to increase his focus and performance. Now Dave regularly takes part in outdoor activities."

David Murwill
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