The Rotunda, Clarence Street, Kingston upon Thames, London, KT1 1QJ

Tel: +4475 3170 1638

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Hi, I'm Tony

I started Super Seniors because I think everybody should enjoy feeling fit, active and healthy – no matter how old they are.


Perhaps you want to be as strong or as fast as you were 20 or 30 years ago? Maybe you'd like to fit into your wedding dress again? Or perhaps you just want to keep up with your grandchildren?


Whatever your age and whatever your ability, together we'll help you reach your goals.


With 10 years' experience working as a personal trainer I can show you:


  • How to exercise safely and effectively

  • What you should (and shouldn't) eat to keep your body happy and healthy

  • How to have fun while you get fit!


We want you to feel fitter, healthier and happier than ever!


Please get in touch now for a FREE consultation. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you.

About us

Health, wellbeing and fitness training for the over 60s in Kingston, Surrey.

What's in it for you?

Improve your cardiovascular fitness

To keep your heart and

lungs healthy.

Increase your flexibility and range of motion

So you feel younger and more supple.

Learn about what you should and shouldn't eat

To help avoid regular trips to the doctor.

Strengthen the muscles that support your joints

So you can move more freely and without pain.

Have fun!

Because everyone should enjoy feeling fit and healthy.

What We Do