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Georgian Adventures 2021

7 day active and cultural tours for adults

Gamarjoba! That's "Hello" in my native Georgian. My name is Tony Laliashvili, and I moved to London when I was a young teen. As a personal trainer, my passion has always been in helping mature people stay active and strong, and so twelve years ago I started Super Seniors. I learned so much about British culture now I feel its about time I give back and show you the best of Georgia.   

Explore Georgia with a small group of like-minded people, suitable for solo travelers and couples.

60 Second video about Georgia

Tours will be small groups (maximum of 12) with personally vetted experts sharing their local knowledge to enrich our activities.

Upcoming Dates in 2021

  • Cultural and Wellbeing Tour 2021
    Cultural and Wellbeing Tour 2021
    Sat, 09 Oct
    09 Oct 2021, 20:50 – 16 Oct 2021, 00:50
    This is leisurely version tour for those of you who prefer to focus on and enjoy the cultural heritage museums, city sites and gastronomic delights at a more relaxing pace.
  • Active and Wellbeing Tour 2021
    Active and Wellbeing Tour 2021
    Sat, 25 Sept
    25 Sept 2021, 20:00 – 02 Oct 2021, 00:00
    Indulge your sense of adventure and explore the rich cultural sites and heritage combined with exciting outdoor physical activities


Both trips include tours to cultural museums and bazaars in Tbilisi and Signagi (the “City of Love”), plus a day trip to Stalin’s home village of Gori, the UNESCO Jvari monastery and the Cave City on the famed Silk Road. And lots of authentic Georgian cuisine. 

Jvari Monastery
  • Stunning landscapes 

  • Ancient mountain villages and churches 

  • High mountain peaks  

  • Friendly, hospitable people.


Stretching 1200 km between the Black and the Caspian seas, the rugged Caucasus mountain terrain was part of the famous “Silk Road” trade route connecting Europe and Asia. 


Certainly no trip is complete without experiencing the welcoming hospitality implicit in Georgian dining – with its famed backdrop of folk singing and dancing – and opportunities for masterclasses in Georgian cooking and wine tasting. 


And every element is thoughtfully curated to ensure you won't be sitting on a bus all day.  


Trip Highlights


  • Movement and balance classes

  • One to one training sessions  

  • Guided hike in the Caucasus  

  • Georgian cooking and wine masterclasses 

  • Discover the heart of the wine region  

  • Uncover Tbilisi’s rich history 

  • Exploring Georgia's  beautiful landscape

  • Eat in authentic restaurants 

  • Visit the Stalin's Gori and UNESCO'S cave town  

  • Hotel transfers with a private minibus

  • Local guides and tickets to museums 

  • All this in the company of a small group of like-minded people

Why should I consider holiday to Georgia?

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