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10 Tips To Have The Perfect Day Even During COVID-19 (Senior Wellness)

At Super Seniors, we understand that you want to be fit, independent and strong. Despite the current situation you can still structure a perfect day to be healthy and active during these challenging times.

Here are 10 tips to have the perfect day during lockdown, so much so that you will not feel guilty when you have that extra chocolate in the evening. 

1 Wake up early 

Yes, it is colder in the mornings and you’d rather have a lie in but waking up earlier is a great time to go for a walk or a jog. You need not worry about social distancing with people or risking catching the virus. 

2 Prep the night before 

Having your exercise kit ready in the morning saves you from looking for your left sock and leaving you flustered by the time you get to your front door. Preparation lets you start your day on the right foot and get your workout of the day. 

3 Exercise in nature 

Research shows that looking at trees and plants lowers stress and anxiety levels. A simple walk or jog in nature makes a world of difference to your mood and you feel connected to the earth. 

Whilst many of us are enjoying a lie in, One of our Super Senior client at age 86, jogs four laps at her local park at 7:30am.

4 Stay active at home

There’s an abundance of online classes you can try at home, equipment free! Take regular breaks from sitting by standing up and stretching. Dancing, cleaning the house or playing with your dog counts as physical activity. 

5 Prioritise your goals 

Separating what you want to do from what you need to do during the day is a technique that reduces stress. It filters the urgent tasks that require your focus from the trivial and ensures small wins during the day. 

6 Think of your day in 'blocks'

Divide your day into blocks rather than thinking of it as a full day. You can organise it into every two hours or simply morning, afternoon and evening. Structuring your day will allow you to keep track of your time and give you deadlines to achieve your goals. 

7 Check into the Hydration Stations

In other words, drink plenty of fluids. When we're hydrated, we are more energised, we perform better and we can concentrate better. It's so simple, but always overlooked. 

8 Practice safe food hygiene

According to the European Food Safety Authority, there is no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted through food. However, good food safety practices are important to minimise the risk of food-borne illnesses. 

When handling or preparing food, make sure to:

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap

  • Wash fruits and vegetables before eating them 

  • Disinfect surfaces and objects before and after use 

  • Keep raw and cooked foods separate to prevent harmful microbes from spreading

  • Avoid cross-contamination by using different utensils and chopping boards

  • Make sure to cook and reheat foods to adequate temperatures (≥72°C for 2 minutes)

9 Get enough sleep 

As our previous article showed, we want to achieve as much REM sleep as possible, so be sure to give yourself enough time to sleep. Try not to be too productive before going to bed. The best end to the day is one of self-reflection rather than distractions of technology and everyday stress.

10 Cultivate healthy habits 

It takes discipline to lead a healthy lifestyle but that’s what creates the momentum! It may take a lot of willpower in the beginning, but the results will be worth it and noticeable. 

This lockdown is an opportunity for you to get fit, feel alive and have gratitude for things we still have. These are challenging times, but we can control our choices and take responsibility for our wellbeing and activity. We’ll be back to moaning about the traffic in no time. 

In the meantime, stay safe, stay active, stay fit. 

Thank you for reading this article! 

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To your health, 


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