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Tea & Technology Training with Tony (4T)

This course is designed to assist in learning Super Senior how to navigate the internet safely.

No prior knowledge is assumed and the course does not delve into the technical aspects of the threats or technology.

Duration: 1 hour workshop + time to brew cup a tea (coffee)

Small Group: 3 to 6 people

Senior Technology Training

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Identify common online threats and scams.

  • Navigate the internet in a safe and secure manner.

  • This is a small group discussion based environment over tea.

Course Content

WEEK 1 - 21st March at 2.15PM

Emails, including photos and attachments.

WEEK 2 - 28rd March at 2.15PM

Social Media and posting photographs online e.g. FaceBook, Video Calling.

WEEK 3 - 4th April at 2.15PM

Apps, e.g. - Entertainment & Travel.

WEEK 4 - 11th April at 2.15PM

Safety, Passwords, WiFi, Scams, Phishing, Backups, Virus & Security updates.

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