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Results - Mike Barnato

Here's Mike's journey.


When Mike first came to me, he had three BIG goals.

Mike's Results

1. Rebuilding after cancer

Mike had drastic treatment for oesophagus (gut) cancer – 250 doses of chemotherapy, 120 of radiotherapy, 15 procedures & liquid diet for six months

2. Recovery after injury

He has also seriously injured his knee and had taken a year off exercise to recover.

3. Renewal

Mike wanted to improve power, balance, coordination and flexibility.

In addition, he wanted to learn tricky exercises like handstands and dragon flies.

He also wanted to return to high impact martial arts like krav maga.


Discovery phase

We worked on a variety of movements and tests and regularly reviewed his progress.

Design of programme

At first we concentrated on conditioning, coordination and movement. Then we added strength and cardio exercises.

To fine tune particular exercises including those that require lots of coordination,

we focused on muscle groups.

Elements included:

Variety of equipment (and no equipment)

We used body weight, free weights, resistance machines, TRX, cardio and challenges and games.

Functional exercises

For example, cable turns for golf, striking and kicks for martial arts.


We improved his form – the beneficial impact of some exercises is wasted if they are performed incorrectly.


We broke down complicated exercises into small steps and stages. Here is the advanced version of press ups, which we're doing together.

  • Different types of press-ups into clap-hand press-ups into jump/Superman press-ups

  • Handstands against the wall, then free standing


We aimed to build Mike's confidence and take him out of his comfort zone, particularly with regard to his injured knee.

Confidence - back to Lotus after 30 years

Allowing for fatigue

We built in recovery periods and performed plenty of stretching so Mike would be less tired from martial arts training.


Mike lost 4 kilos while gaining muscle

His body fat percentage dropped from 19% to around 12 %

His fitness level is high

He continues to practise martial arts, golf and table tennis


Here, we're working on the human flag, which is one of the most advanced bodyweight exercises. Follow Mike's journey on our social media platform.

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