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2019 Cultural and Wellbeing Retreat to Georgia

The Cultural and Wellbeing Retreat to Georgia is an experience like no other for seniors in London.

If you love your travel and you want to meet new like-minded people while learning more about your own health and wellbeing, well this is the trip for you.

Dates: 22nd May - 1st June 2019

Tour Highlights

  • Movement classes at 7.30am

  • One to One Training sessions on the relaxing days

  • Uncover Tbilisi’s rich history

  • Visit the UNESCO-listed churches of Mtskheta

  • Discover the heart of the Kakheti and wine region (3 nights stay)

  • Visit the iconic Gergeti Trinity Church

  • Return flight plus all hotel transfers with a private mini bus

  • Local guides and tickets to museums

Held by Super Seniors the tour will go to Georgia for a third successive year in 2019.

Tailored to facilitate health and wellbeing for seniors, the trip includes some magnificent sightseeing opportunities, wonderful hikes and treks and some extraordinary experiences at authentic Georgian restaurants.

Bringing you closer to the Georgian landscape and cuisine, the trip is specifically designed to help you refresh and relax away from the busy lifestyle London has to offer.


This is my mobile number

To register your interest, and chance to talk on the phone about the trip

What participants had to say about the last years trip.

David Murwill

Exploring a country with a rich cultural heritage and stunning scenery that is not on the "tourist trail" with a Georgian who knows the language, good organisation and, in Tbilisi, a good centrally located hotels.

Jean Blakemen

The travel and accommodation arrangements were impeccable. Going back to Tbilisi was remarkably satisfying. I have now got my bearings in the city.

Roger Goodier

Everything about it was magical. I enjoyed seeing the dancers in the restaurants and the music. The meal and the music in the hilltop restaurant with the panoramic views.


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