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Maintaining Balance

Do you feel a little wobbly at times? Do you know a parent, sibling or friend that struggles to keep on their feet. Firstly, don't feel bad! Secondly, read today's blog post!

At Super Seniors Fitness, we know that maintaining balance can become harder with age. We also understand how frustrating this can be for seniors and the negative effects this consequence can have on one's attitude and behaviour.

Similarly, we also know how critical balance is to ensure that we can exercise to our full potential when working out.

Every year, more than one-third of senior citizens age 65 or older suffer from fall-related injuries. This is a very alarming statistic.

In today’s blog post, we want to reiterate that working on your balance can be done by anyone of any ability, condition or AGE!

It's important for us all to recognise that some of these exercises we're about to show you can help others quickly, while they may take a lot of practice to help others.

No matter your case, here are some techniques and exercises that can help you not just maintain your balance, but also improve your posture, flexibility and confidence!


Techniques to help improve your balance!

Calf Stretches:

Simple yet effective. Start slowly and at your own pace, but here it is important that you focus on your centre of gravity and ensure you give your full concentration within this practice to hold the stretch, You can actually stretch your calves both by standing and sitting. For more information, click the following link.

Standing on One Foot:

Don't be nervous about this exercise, be excited! Time yourself and see how long you can keep yourself upright. Relax your shoulders, free your mind and look to find a spot that you can stare at to keep your concentration. This exercise is just as much a mental battle than a physical grind.

Shoulder Rolls:

Balance is not all about your legs! No it involves more body parts than that, including the shoulders. The placement of the shoulders are critical as they can often determine how relaxed you are in your own posture. Rotate your shoulders up to the ceiling, then back and down. After this do the same movement initially, before moving them forward and down.

Walking Heel to Toe:

We've all seen this done before. Again, this is an exercise that you should perform slowly and deliberately. Ensure that you are in the right mindset before taking this exercise. Find your target to stare at and be true to yourself by staring at that target!

Leg Swings:

Simple, right? It may be, but regular leg swings are a great way of ensuring your legs are prepared for the body of work they are about to do in any given day. Ensure you give each leg an equal number of swings. Don't do too few, but also don't do too many. Just enough to have you feeling ready for the day ahead!

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