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Benefits of Gardening


As you know I’m a personal trainer and a keen gardener for the past five years I’ve kept an allotment, taking it over in a state of disrepair, some years after the death of the previous tenant.

I’ve cleared weeds, dug beds, planted apple, fig, pear, apricot, trees and also built a glass house out of second hand materials, mowed grass and failed to grow carrots (notoriously difficult). In between all that, I’ve grown vegetables, herbs and berries. See the previous allotment blog

In this short blog I want to focus on exercising naturally - Working on an allotment involves natural movements, like digging, planting and weeding keeps the body moving in all different ways and it’s great form of exercise.

Gardening provides the original full body workout.

Share your own thoughts and experiences on the benefits of gardening to the body, mind or spirit.

Good day,

Keep digging

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