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Benefits of learning to dance in senior years

Dance is a really fun activity that should be enjoyed by all (both old and young). Inside: Interview with Emily Stephenson from Dynamic Dance Studios based in Kingston Upon Thames.

Dancing lessons for seniors in Kingston Upon Thames

For seniors, dance lets you express yourself in a way you can’t possibly fathom. It delivers a kind of happy feel to your soul that makes you feel young again. As we get older, our body loses coordination and balance, increasing the possibility of falling as we go about our daily activities. However, research has shown that dancing doesn’t only help keep seniors active but can also help improve muscle function and strength. It also helps boost memory, increase stability, prevent dementia, and improve posture.

Interview with Expert: Emily Stephenson from Dynamic Dance Studios. Where I ask, what are safest and best type of dance practices to get into if you are a novice dancer. She also explains health and fitness benefits of dancing. 

We are going to outline a few benefits of dancing for older adults below.

Improves Balance

Especially beneficial to elders who have had a few falls as a result of poor stability and decreased balance. While you dance, your entire body moves to enhance bone health and improve balance. Several studies have shown that seniors who dance show an improved balance and better stability. An elderly dancer will easily overcome the fear of falling and gain better stability confidence.

Improves Physical Fitness

Dancing is a physical activity, it gets you smiling and happy as you move your body to the music. The health benefits for older adults are simply amazing. As you spin and turn while you dance, it helps decrease stiffness and enhance muscle strength in your hips, legs, and feet. Some other positive effects of dancing in fitness of seniors include cardiovascular health improvement which will help reduce the possibility of getting heart disease, flexibility, body agility, and balance.

Makes You Happy 

Remember that rush you get when you hear your favourite song in a wedding, birthday party, or on the stereo? That’s happiness! I can still remember how this elderly couple couldn’t just get enough of the good music sounding in the air at a wedding we attended a few years back. Although they couldn’t move vigorously like they did when they were young (I can only imagine of course) but they were indeed showing off some incredible steps with lots of laughter and smiles on their face. Dancing helps you relieve stress and helps you focus more.

How to get involved

Dancing helps you improve your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. So what are you waiting for? Start the legwork right away.

Emily Stephenson

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