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Getting rid of the excuses!

Sometimes we just don’t feel like exercising. We know we should go and have a workout, but we don’t and for that we feel a little bit guilty before making up an excuse that we use as ‘validation’ for not going to the gym.

At Super Seniors Fitness, we understand that individuals don’t exercise when they should for a wide range of reasons. However, we also understand that these excuses are just that, EXCUSES!

In today’s blog post, we’re going to have a look at of the most common excuses used to procrastinate from exercise.

Then we’re going to tell you how to avoid using these techniques!


Excuses commonly used by those procrastinating from exercise:


The phrase ‘I’m too tired’ would have to be one of the world’s most common sayings, especially in London!


It seems as though the weather can dictate how a person feels about exercising. Just a reminder, it is possible to train inside on rainy days!

Not Enough Time:

Now this is one we also here a lot, we’ll get to finding a way of dealing with this shortly.

"I can’t do it":

This is a mindset issue that can easily be addressed through breaking up an exercise into small, simple parts. More on this in a moment.

"I’ll go tomorrow":

Really? Will you go tomorrow, or will you not have enough time then? Or will the weather be bad? Or heaven forbid, will you be tired?

Now these are some excuses we hear daily at Super Seniors Fitness. We’ve heard them from just about everyone and we sometimes use these ourselves! However, today our mission is to show you how you can avoid procrastinating from exercise, when you’re feeling an urge to give up.

Firstly and most importantly, EAT.

It’s amazing how someone mindset can change with something to eat. Having the energy to workout is important so you can perform at a high-intensity. Therefore always remember to eat and eat well if you ever feel like giving up on the gym.

Secondly, SET ALARMS.

Instead of thinking of a time in your head, actually make an alarm to ensure that when the clock goes off, so do you! Alarms for all aspects of life can actually be a really good tool to ensuring you get all you need to do, done! Set them for exercise, meal time and sleep time to get the most out of your day.


Stretch accordingly and ensure that your body is in as good a condition that it can be. This will help with the ‘I can’t do it’ excuse as you will know that you’re in the best possible condition you can be in on the given day. Whether it be through completing simple exercises at home beforehand, participating in some meditation or yoga by yourself at home or going for a short walk, anything to get your body prepared before you hit the gym will help eliminate any excuses you may have.


Have you got a favourite artist from past decades you’d like to listen to? Do you miss hearing the songs you’ve had with you in the past! Well why not listen to them by downloading a couple of applications, plugging in some headphones to your phone and listening to that artist to get ready for your workout! Listening to music, particularly music that inspires you or pumps you up, can be a fantastic way of getting in the mood and feeling motivated to hit the gym. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you download ‘Spotify’ from the App Store on your phone. If you don’t know how to do it, ask a family member or a friend.

Here are some solutions to those negative excuses that can takeover your behaviour. Now what are you still doing reading this post? It’s time to go to David Lloyd Kingston and join Tony in the gym!

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