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Feeling Lonely? Let us help you!

Feeling lonely isn't that uncommon. It's a feeling we all have whether we like it or not. But instead of getting down on ourselves, the trick is to be pro-active and find a solution as quickly as possible!

These were the words of one of my high school teachers when I was feeling tired, stressed and isolated during a pretty tricky exam period.

At the end of the day, no matter how old you are or whatever your situation, we all have feelings of isolation.

At Super Seniors Fitness, we want to help our seniors feel as happy and healthy as possible.

We want them to be able to live the lifestyle they deserve and that they want, through great physical and mental practices.

As such in today's blog post, we're not going to tell you any statistics to do with this topic.

Instead, we want to help you and your peers!

Even if this topic isn't relevant to you, it will be relevant to those around you.

In turn, we encourage all our readers to share this news with your family, friends and colleagues to ensure that those you care about are living their lives to the fullest!


Tips to avoiding loneliness

Focus on your health

Put your health as your number one priority! This will ensure that you make yourself some sort of routine and that you're showing care to your body and your mind. Health is a multi-faceted phenomenon. It's about making sure you're caring for yourself 24/7 and keeping yourself to standards and expectations. If you focus on improving your health, you will start to feel better about the way in which you are going about your life.

Try to be creative

Creativity is the best form of fun! It's a way in which we can teach ourselves new hobbies and learn about ourselves in the process. When's the last time you did some drawing? When's the last time you sung? Or when's the last time you tried to cook a really exotic meal? These are the types of things that can bring you happiness and can encourage you to take more opportunities!

Take the time to say thank you!

If we're lonely, what better an idea to connect with those who mean a lot to you. A simple thank you phone call can do wonders to someones day. Being nice is not difficult, it just takes a little bit of effort. Giving someone some recognition can help reconnect you with others and improve relationships. It will also show you that people care about you more than you think!

Take in your environment

Go to a place you love, a place you have history at. Then just reflect. This is a great way of getting in touch with your emotions. It's a great way of helping you reflect and move forward. Being appreciative of the environment you're in will make you realise just how lucky you are to live in this incredible country.

Talk to those who love to give.

If you walk around this great city, you'll see a lot of volunteers. They're passionate about causes that are close to their heart, as these causes give them purpose! Talk to these people and see the passion in the voice and the emotion in their face. It may sound odd, but these people can give you inspiration. Go out to your local town centre and talk to these people. Let them tell you about their passions and they'll make you smile.

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