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Avoiding the Slouch: Tips to improve your Posture

It's something that without a doubt gets harder with age, but teaching and educating individuals about maintaining a good posture is extremely important to all of us at Super Seniors Fitness.

Poor posture habits can result in nasty consequences to anyone at anytime.

We all know that severe posture problems can result in postural pain syndrome and this can hurt us from exercising and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The other damaging side effect of poor posture is the structural effect that it can have on the body.

When left uncorrected for a prolonged period of time, changes can occur within the human body as muscles become both shortened and weakened.

It's not uncommon to see individuals over the age of 60 to struggle to stay upright.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to explain to you some valuable tips that could really improve not only your posture, but also the strength of your muscles and joints.

The following exercises are recommended by American Seniors Fitness Coach Doug Schrift.

These videos demonstrate some valuable techniques to improve your posture through easy and efficient methods. These methods are simple yet extremely effective for seniors suffering from poor posture.

Arms Up Exercise

Spine Extensions

Chin Jut and Tuck

At Super Seniors Fitness, we are determined to help you find the best posture you can possibly have.

As Tony Laliashvili explains, regularly working on your posture is extremely important for not just your current physical state, but for your future physical appearance months and even years down the track.

"I feel as though I have a responsibility to work with my clients inside and outside the gym."

"If you have noticed changes in your posture, try don't ignore and give in yourself, excuses like “I’m too old” , “It’s too late” or “I haven’t got enough time”."

"I use a variety of training methods with our Super Seniors clients, we see best results when we incorporate postural improvements when combined with other fitness training methods, Strength, Balance, Joint stability and Flexibility."

"I recommend you to adopt a quick mental reminders, staying consistent with your movement and posture improvements."

Tony encourages you to correct your posture when:

  1. Check in the bathroom mirror and correct it;

  2. If you have not downloaded our FREE guide for better posture go ahead and do it now.

  3. Stay consistent with these checks.

  4. When you are eating out in restaurants, try to sit up.

  5. Whilst walking if you notice slouched shadow in the shopping windows.

  6. Have a look at your sleeping position .

  7. Drinking water, standing up and keeping shoulders down.

Please feel free to send him a direct email if you have any posture related exercise questions to feel and look great in your body.

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