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How to Avoid Fall-Related Injuries (Part 1)

Let's face it - fall-related injuries are common for seniors.

We're not going to go into the statistics on fall-related injuries with the elderly in this article, because we know how aware seniors are of these hiccups.

At the end of the day, fall-related injuries are accidents.

They're unfortunate events that can have substantial consequences, so in this blog post, we're going to describe some ways in which you can avoid fall-related injuries.

These actions are easy and effective and should see you feeling more confident rather than more clumsy!

Techniques to Avoid Fall-Related Injuries

Regularly check-up with your doctor or GP

A really simple way of ensuring that your body and mind is functioning the way the professionals say it should be! When we're exercising, sometimes we receive injuries when that we don't even realise. Other times, we suffer from fatigue or mental related issues that we can't quite seem to recognise. Instead of ignoring these issues and prolonging a potential mishap, go and see your local GP and put your trust in these professionals.

Equip your rooms (especially bathroom) with safety items

This is to ensure that whenever something may go wrong, it doesn't end up in a serious injury, It is very common to see seniors falling over in places that are inconvenient to say the least. A bathroom is a prime example of this statement in action. Be sure to organise your rooms to ensure that if an accident happens, you have the items with you to keep yourself afloat. Items could be things such as nonslip mats, cushions, handle bars/bar grabs and first aid kits in as many places as possible.

Look to promote bone health in your diet

Another point that isn't rocket science, but makes sense right? Promoting your bone health through ensuring you consume foods high in calcium and vitamin D is essential to ensuring you can develop your body as a senior.

Comfort footing!

Critical. Absolutely critical. How many injuries do we see take place because individuals weren't wearing suitable shoes? Make sure that if you're on a slippery surface, you have the shoes to protect yourself. Avoid wearing socks on tiles around the house and ensure that any flip-flops or slippers you wear actually fit your feet! These are all really simple tips, but they are tips we often take for granted.

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