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Avoiding Fatigue

Fatigue can hit anyone at anytime and when it hits, it can be deadly for your motivation and well-being. Here at Super Seniors Fitness, we are determined to ensure that no matter your age or physical health, we can help you overcome the onset of fatigue.

A study conducted by Colombia University in 2008 showed that adults aged 65 or older who suffered from fatigue, were also more likely to suffer from a number of other issues including:

- Joint problems

- Urinary incontinence

- Hearing problems

- Depression

- Social isolation

These problems were concluded to not be presented as normal and could have detrimental effects on an individuals heart and kidney, as well as any prior issues with arthritis.

While these issues are all physical, there is evidence to suggest that fatigue can also cause serious issues for an individual's mental health.

Apart from the obvious consequences of reduced alertness, decreased concentration and a decrease in memory capacity (becoming more forgetful), fatigue is also an emotional beast that can lead individuals to make rash decisions, leading to either anger or isolation traits depending upon the individual.

Super Seniors Fitness understands the struggle of fatigue within the elderly. They understand that a lack of routine and exercise can cause the onset of fatigue quicker and in a more severe way.

As such, here are a few techniques that can help you avoid fatigue.

Hydration: A very simple way to ensure that you can remain stable and awake throughout a long English day! How many times are you drinking water each day? If this isn't working for you, why not try out a recommended energy drink from your local off-license today!

Sleep: Another really basic tip, but how is your sleeping pattern going? Sleep is seriously important for the elderly to ensure that they can still keep in a solid, productive routine.

Eating Habits: Ensure you are eating three solid meals a day. We need to have breakfast, lunch and dinner each and every day. Eating wholesome, nutritious food every 3-4 hours in the day is important to ensure that your metabolism is still going strong.

Meditation and Yoga: If you can't get to the gym, don't let this stop you from trying different practices at home! Yoga and Meditation are slow paced practices, but they are very effective in ensuring our muscle groups are still active throughout the day. Both meditation and yoga are therapeutic practices that can be throughly enjoyable, while stimulating for our physical and mental health.

For more information on the effects of fatigue in the elderly, feel free to the Institute of Ageing here.

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