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Turning Seniors into Super Seniors

Age is without a doubt, no barrier!

That’s the message of David Lloyd Kingston personal trainer Tony Laliashvili.

On Friday the 21st of September, Tony invited 35 seniors from the Kingston region to his seminar discussing the physical and psychological benefits his program Super Seniors can offer over 60’s in his borough.

“Super Seniors was set up to acknowledge that their are people in our community that seriously care about the health and wellbeing of seniors,” Tony said.

Held at David Lloyd Kingston, the day featured presentations from health and wellbeing experts in the Kingston region.

Among those present were chiropractor from Irrefutable Health Grant Munro, physiotherapist from Physio and More Ben Wilde and founder of Mealwiz Genair Otoo.

With 22,000 seniors in the Kingston region, Tony’s message to attendees was relatively simple.

As he explains, it’s his belief that the fitness industry can do and should do more to help those over the age of 60 feel more comfortable about their health and wellbeing no matter their age or physical capabilities.

“I wanted and I still want to show the community that health and wellbeing is important no matter how old you are,” Tony said.

“Maybe you'd like to fit into your wedding dress again? Or perhaps you just want to keep up with your grandchildren?”

“No matter the circumstance, I started this company to try and help as many seniors as possible.”

As a personal trainer now devoting his attention strictly to seniors, it is now Tony’s mission to ensure that the large group of seniors in Kingston can become super seniors, and then superheroes!

“It’s my dream to create a seniors community that continues to spread the message surrounding the importance of health and well-being,” Tony said.

“It’s a dream that is becoming more and more realistic by talking to one senior at a time.”

More photos of the event will be posted shortly on

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